1.- How do I participate?

You can start submitting your ideas with 3 easy steps
1.Download the app SoundStorming on the Apple Store
2. Sign in or create an account if this is your first time using SoundStorming.
3. Click on the RECORD button and start submitting your ideas

2.- Who can enter the contest?

Any person over the age of 13, that lives in the United States and makes music.

3.-Can I participate if I’m younger than 13 years?

Unfortunately, not. Only musicians that are 13 years and above can participate.

4.- Can I participate if I’m not U.S citizen?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to be a U.S citizen or hold a Green Card or have a Visa to participate. As long as you are in the U.S for the duration of the contest and the event (Q1 2020), you can participate. 

5.- What happens if I don’t have an iPhone?

The app is available just for iOS users for now. If you don’t have an iPhone, we encourage you to ask a friend to let you use his/her phone to submit ideas. 

6.- What if I want to record a song idea with somebody else?

You have two ways to record a song with other people:

  1. Go to Home or Discover page and find a song you want to record on top of it. Click on the collaborate button (red circle button on the left side of the name of the user). Now you can start recording on top of it. Remember to add the hashtag #sscontest in the collaboration to be considered for the prize.

  2. Meet in person with a friend/s and record a song idea together.

7.- If I collaborate with somebody I don’t know, can I still be eligible for the prize?

Of course. We are encouraging collaborations across campuses, schools, and people from everywhere. Most great ideas come from collaborations and diversity.

8.- Can I record using external devices?

Yes. You can plug directly to the phone through any device with an outline. Amplifier, keyboard, mixing board, external microphone...

9.- Can I submit covers?

Covers won’t be eligible for the prize since the ultimate goal is to produce an original track and distribute it around different channels. 
Remember, it is your chance to show your talent and get mentorship to fast track into your Music career.

10.- Are you looking for a specific type of genre or style?

No. Any genre and any music are welcome. We are empowering creativity and self-expression.

11.- What is the jury looking for?

The responses vary, but most of them seem to be looking for a performer with something distinctive to say that can move the listener. But here’s a list of things they will evaluate:

  • Originality

  • Emotional communication

  • Musicality

  • Energy

  • A personality that engages with the listener

  • Vocalism

  • Dictation

  • Quality of voice rather than quantity

12.- Does my composition have to be uploaded in studio quality?

Not at all. SoundStorming was born from the insight that all musicians record their musical ideas on their phones. So we encourage you to use your phone to upload your ideas. We want raw, unedited, and unfiltered music. However, if you want to plug your phone directly to a board, that’s fine too. 

13.- Can I submit a song that I already presented or released?

Yes, it’s also possible to submit songs that you have already published or presented publicly as long as it’s your original work.

14.- I’m with a record label and/or I have a manager. Can I still participate?

No. The contest is open to all music makers that are unsigned. 

15.- Will the jury evaluate the quality of the recording and production of my composition?

No, the quality of recording or production is not a criterion for evaluating your composition. Refer to Q11 to see what the jury will consider.

16.- Can I submit more than one song to the competition? Will all of my songs get to the jury?

Yes, of course. You can submit as many songs as you wish. Just remember to use the hashtag #sscontest every time you upload a song.  

17.- What’s the duration of the song?

You can record up to one minute. SoundStorming is not an app to produce music but to share your musical ideas. We believe that 60 seconds is enough to showcase your potential. 

18.- Is there an entry fee to participate in?

The SoundStorming app is free to install, and there’s no entree fee to submit your ideas. 

The winner will travel to L.A to produce the final track. SoundStorming pays the transportation and hotel, but the meals and anything else outside necessary transportation and hotel costs may be for the entrant's account.

19.- How does the judging/voting work?

The curation process will in December after the contest is closed. Each jury will vote for their favorites independently of the others. Once all jury member has decided their top 3, the panel will meet to choose the winner and the 2 finalists. 

We will contact the winner and the finalists via email and/or phone. Once the due diligence is over (checking dates of birth and originality of the song), the winner and finalists will be announced publicly.

20.- What’s the Grand prize?

The winner will get a paid ticket to come to Los Angeles to co-write, co-produce, and release a song with renowned artists during a 3-day immersion experience at Gold Diggers (a gorgeous hotel + recording studio + concert venue) in Los Angeles.

On the last night, the winner will perform the song in a live concert where the media and music executives will attend.

21.- Is there any prize for the finalists?

Yes. Second Place and Third Place winners will receive one-on-one mentor sessions with one of our jury members. 

They will also get tickets to come to the private party at Gold Diggers to network and connect.

22.- If I participate or win, who owns the song rights?

The answer is easy: YOU. All the content that you upload on SoundStorming will always remain yours. Even if the final song makes it the media or to a record label, the artist owns 100% of it. SoundStorming’s primary goal is to support and empower the next generation of musicians. What you create it’s yours. Period.

23.- When is the live event happening?

The 3-day immersion experience at Gold Diggers to produce the song will be in January. The final days will be announced soon.

24.- What happens if I win, but I can’t come to L.A to produce the final track?

We understand that things might happen (sickness, exams, trips…) but since this is a Prize where you need to be present if you can’t make it, we’ll grant the prize to the Second Place winner.

25.- How about copyright protection on songs I enter?

All songs and lyrics are considered to be copyright-protected, and ALL WRITERS RETAIN ALL RIGHTS TO THEIR WORK.


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