90% of musicians record sound ideas on their phones, yet still rely on pictures and videos to engage with their audience.

We’ve created the perfect platform for that type of content and it’s called SoundStorming. A platform that brings musicians of any levels, together in one place. This is a place where they can record, share, collaborate and engage using musical ideas.
From amateur musicians from different parts of the world brainstorming on song ideas; to professional Musicians sharing the chords of their new hit to tease the upcoming album.
With SoundStorming we are opening up the creative process to everyone bringing artists closer to their fans in a whole new way.



Record your musical ideas everywhere, anytime.


Organize your ideas using hashtags and keep them saved in the cloud.


Brainstorm on song ideas with your friends, discover musicians from all over the world and start collaborating.


Use every musical moment to keep your audience updated.

I have a lot of ideas while in the toilet, or when I'm in my bed. (…) When that happens I record them on my phone. This is how I work and how a lot of producers do it too.

Martin Garrix DJ and Record Producer

(...) Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper wrote that song before I even met them (...)
They did a voice memo recording of it originally to a totally different beat.

Cam O’bi Grammy-winning producer.

The main theme for Game Of Thrones, I was humming in my car (...) as I was driving back to the studio, I had an idea and I took my phone out and sang into it.

Ramin Djawadi 'Game Of Thrones' Composer.

In 2014 I was given an ipod (...) that had about 1500 ideas on it, accumulated from sound checks.
Just warming up on the guitar, or even just rehearsing, or is just I get an idea and I just hum the riff (...)
There’s nothing that happens in this band this days that’s not recorded.

Singer, songwriter James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich from Metallica.

Kanye was freestyling over the songs and Rex Kudo was recording it on a voice note and came into the next room like, ‘Yo, check this out.’ (...)
[The voice note] was about an hour long so there was probably 10 ideas to choose from.

Charlie Handsome Music producer talking about working with rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Kanye West.

I was playing an electric guitar but unplugged just sitting in my couch. I record a lot of things on my voice memos.

Tim Brennan Guitar player from Dropkick Murphys.


Co-founder, CEO & Musician

Arnau Bosch is currently a Group Creative Director at Media Arts Lab, where he’s responsible for leading the global advertising for Apple. His talent has been recognized and awarded at international festivals like the Cannes Lions Awards, The D&AD Awards, The One Show awards, and other Premier Creative Awards.


Co-founder & COO

Alicia Rius, with an MA in International Marketing, has contributed to successfully plan and launch advertising campaigns for international accounts like Yamaha, Phillips, Canon and ING Global across different markets around the world.
She also plays the harmonica.



Jon Kraft was the founding CEO of Pandora. He has founded more than seven venture-backed companies, with multiple exits and several still operating today. He also has experience commercializing IP licensing deals with USC, MIT, and Disney.



Steve Turner has worked alongside Steve Jobs of Apple, Jimmy Iovine of Beats, and Nike’s Phil Knight to help them each grow their business. He is currently founder of Sublime that accelerates and incubate new ideas and ways of thinking for the most innovative companies in the world such as Hyperloop and Bird.



Davide Berruto is a creative entrepreneur/executive with broad international experience in building, financing, and growing early-stage businesses, launching products, and developing global strategic alliances.
He is currently active as an entrepreneur-in-residence and Innovation Partner at LiftOff Accelerator.

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